Welcome to the June 2021 edition of Trowse Villager!

I always enjoy my time in the church on a Wednesday; it’s good to have some peace and quiet and, equally, it’s good to welcome visitors, tell them a bit about the church’s history and sometimes to provide a listening ear and say a prayer.

One of the greatest privileges of ordained ministry is being with people at significant times in their lives. I love holding christenings and weddings, and I’m delighted that we have Emma and Marty’s wedding coming up at the end of this month, when the remaining lockdown restrictions SHOULD have been lifted. One benefit of the pandemic is that we can now “zoom” services to people unable to attend in person for whatever reason, and our Zoom congregation say they feel as if they are in the church with us. In future we’ll also “zoom” christenings and weddings - a real blessing when families are separated by vast distances.  

Being with people at less happy times is no less a privilege. I’ll never forget spending time in the church with Kymberley and her mum last November on what would have been Kymberley’s sister Gemma’s birthday. Kymberley, who lives in Trowse, rang me to ask if we could meet. She and her mum told me all about what happened to Gemma. It is a heartbreaking story. Kymberley has kindly written about it in this June issue, when it will have been a year since her sister was killed. We lit a candle and said some prayers as we remembered Gemma, and I hope this brought at least a little comfort. 

This issue also includes an account of Sue’s experience of domestic abuse. It’s a subject that has been thrown into relief by the lockdown; it can happen to anyone, and it’s something we should all be aware of. I hope and pray that people who have been trapped with their abusers will be able to break free and get help as restrictions are eased.

Among our visitors to the church one recent Wednesday were Paul and Janice, a lovely couple from Peterborough on a cycle tour of the UK. They were looking for somewhere to camp for the night, and when I said they were welcome to camp in the churchyard, they were so pleased, they flew their drone and took some aerial photos of the church (see cover).

We’ve always been renowned at Trowse Church for the warmth of our welcome, and one of the hardest things about the pandemic has been not being able to serve our usual coffee (Wilkinsons!) and cake etc. We hope to reinstate our monthly coffee mornings very soon. You will be very welcome at any of our services or any Wednesday between 11.30 and 2.00. Pop in and see us!